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The main purpose of an electrical certificate, whether it is a house, office or factory, is to prove that the electrical installation is safe. If you have not performed an electrical test and inspection on your property, you could be at a deadly trap. It is your responsibility to safeguard yourself, family, tenants and employees against any possible occurrence of electric shock and fire.

Health and safety are now taken very seriously, and you will probably be asked for an electric certificate when its time to rent or sell your property. Most rental agencies will refuse a property without being certified. If you buy a property, it is normal to carry out an electrical test and inspection to make sure that the building you spend money on is electrically safe.
At Bsafe electrics, we are well qualified to carry out a standard, friendly electrical test and inspection of your property. We will determine whether your electrical wiring and installations meet current British standards. We are registered with the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers Napit (UK) and with JIB too. All our Engineers are fully qualified and well insured. Also, we are Part P registered electricians, so we are duly certified.

  • Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) and (EICR) Certificate
  • Emergency lighting certificate¬†
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Visual Test Inspections
  • Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Home Purchaser’s Visual Electrical Inspection
  • Minor Works Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Portable Appliance Testing

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